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Sponsors & Supporters

The is pleased to acknowledge the sponsorship and support of the following sponsors and contributors.


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The is hosted and supported by the member societies of the Australian Geoscience Council:



As the national geoscience and geospatial information agency, Geoscience Australia (GA) is strongly committed to the .  In addition to contributing financially, GA is providing the Secretary General (Dr Ian Lambert) and Deputy Secretary General (Paul Kay) at no cost to the Congress. GA is also contributing to national and international promotion and is supporting several of the major activities of the Congress.

GNS Science New Zealand and the Australian State, and the Northern Territory geological surveys, listed below, are all strongly supporting the . They are contributing in kind, particularly in organising many of the field trips, as well as contributing financially.

          GNS Science, New Zealand
Geological Survey of Queensland, Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation
New South Wales Geological Survey, Department of Primary Industries
Geoscience Victoria, Department of Primary Industries
DMITRE, Department of Manufacture, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy
Geological Survey of Western Australia, Department of Mines & Petroleum
Northern Territory Geological Survey, Department of Regional Development, Primary Industry,
Fisheries and Resources
Mineral Resources Tasmania, Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources.


  Moultrie Group provides integrated professional, technical and site services for Australian and international mining companies.  With offices in the major Australian mining hubs Moultrie Group delivers services from geological exploration and modelling, databases, polyethylene pipe, surveying, goaf and gas drainage services to earthworks, compressor hire, mining support projects and much more.
Please note: the official language of the 34th International Geological Congress is English.
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