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Media Accreditation

Media enquiries

For all media enquiries about the , please contact the Congress media relations team:

Bruce Ruddy                          
Rebecca Schrauf                   

Media accreditation

Media outlets wishing to apply for media accreditation for the should submit the Media Accreditation Application Form, available below. This form contains all information that is required to be eligible for media accreditation.

This application form must be correctly completed and submitted to the Congress media relations team to be considered for media accreditation.

Media outlets will be notified in due course if their Media Accreditation Application Form has been approved.

For more information about media accreditation, please contact the Congress media relations team.

Media statements

•    34th International Geological Congress fact sheet

•    34th International Geological Congress: the largest geological event to be held in Australia

•    Geology Olympics a boom for Brisbane

•    Rock stars head for Brisbane

•    34th International Geological Congress welcomes international resources ministers

•    Geologists explore climate change rates for clues to the future

•    Geologists tap into digital revolution

•    Looming global shortage of freshwater addressed by leading authority at IGC

•    Low-carbon energy future a key talking point at 34th International Geological Congress

•    The future of world’s resources to be addressed at IGC





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