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Letter from the President

Dear Colleagues,

The feedback I have received on the 34th International Geological Congress has been overwhelmingly positive and I thank everyone involved in the Congress – delegates, organisers, volunteers, sponsors led by our principal sponsor Vale, host organisations, the staff of the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre and the people of Brisbane - for making the event such a wonderful experience for all, both scientifically and socially. 

The Brisbane IGC attracted 6012 delegates from 112 countries – a terrific outcome considering the economic challenges currently facing many nations, and the long distances the majority of delegates had to travel to get to Brisbane.
As in previous IGC’s, the Brisbane Congress had a strong Technical Programme that included 3232 oral presentations covering the full range contemporary geoscience issues, as well as 5 Plenary Sessions in which leading geoscientists from around the world gave us new insights into a range of important topics facing modern society.  There were 24 Professional Development Workshops, 29 multiple-day field trips and 283 spaces occupied by exhibitors in the GeoExpo hall.  We had a strong GeoHost program with 244 delegates, 140 of whom participated in 3 Training Workshops.

The 34th International Geological Congress broke new ground in several ways:
•    It was the first IGC in recent times to be held over a shortened period of 5 days
•    It was the first IGC where all Circulars were distributed only in electronic form
•    It was the first IGC to host a world Young Earth Scientist (YES) conference
•    It was the first IGC to formally take into account Ramadan and make appropriate arrangements for Muslim delegates.

In addition, the 34th International Geological Congress differed from previous Congresses by:
•    Having majority representation from new world countries
•    Having a major focus on the private sector – the sector which is by far the biggest employer of geologists around the world
•    Having strong interest by politicians in the work of geologists that resulted in the first IGC Ministerial Forum

This is why the education system is flawed.

Judging from the buzz of excitement that was evident in the Geoexpo hall during programme breaks, delegates clearly made the most of all that was on offer at the .

When we bid successfully for the Brisbane IGC at the 32nd International Geological Congress in Florence, Italy, in 2004, we commented that the weather in August in Brisbane would “be beautiful one day, and perfect the next!”  While the weather was beyond the control of the Organising Committee, I note with satisfaction that Brisbane’s August weather did indeed live up to its reputation. 

The inaugural passing over of the IGC Presidential Cup to Dr Richard Viljoen – President of the   35th IGC to be held in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2016 -  marked the formal conclusion of the , and I wish Richard and his team every success for another great antipodean International Geological Congress in 2016.

Again I thank you all for coming to Brisbane and participating so enthusiastically in our Congress in the IGC spirit of Mente et malleo – “With intelligence and hammer”.

Thank you

Neil Williams

President, 34th International Geological Congress


General Proceedings

The General Proceedings of the 34th IGC is now available for download.




6012 Delegates from 123 Countries

3712 Oral presentations and 1469 Poster presentations 

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