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Geosciences in our Region

There is a strong geological heritage in Australia based on its diversity of geological features and world class resources sector. New Zealand also has a proud history of geological achievement, with a focus on geohazards and alpine geology. In both countries, geoscience is motivated by two main factors: meeting societal challenges and a thirst for new knowledge to satisfy a need to understand the world we live in.

Geoscience research in Australia is carried out within universities, federal government agencies such as Geoscience Australia and CSIRO, Cooperative Research Centres, Special Research Centres, Major National Research Facilities and State and Territory Geological Surveys and industry. 

The National Earth Sciences Committee of the Australian Academy of Sciences has developed the National Strategic Plan for the Geosciences.

In New Zealand, geoscience research is headed by GNS Science, New Zealand, and universities. In the South Pacific Islands, regional coordination is provided by the South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC).

Participation of most Oceania nations in the Brisbane Congress will be maximised by integrating meetings of the major regional geoscientific societies into AUSTRALIA 2012.


Geoscience research agencies


Industry & professional associations


Educational institutions

Australian Capital Territory
Australian National University

New South Wales
University of Sydney


University of Canberra

James Cook University
Queensland University of Technology

South Australia

University of Tasmania

University of Melbourne

Western Australia
Curtin University of Technology
Murdoch University
University of Western Australia
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