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Applicants will be advised of success by March 2012


The GeoHost Funded Delegate Program (FDP) has been designed to assist Young Earth Scientists and geoscientists from low-income countries participate in the as full delegates.  Applications are invited from young scientists (being under 35 years of age) and scientists who live and work or study in low income countries. The number of delegates supported will be determined by the IGC budget, and will not be confirmed until early 2012.


The GeoHost FDP is partially sponsored by the IUGS Hutchison "Young Scientist" Foundation, the goal of which is the promotion of the professional growth of deserving, meritorious young geoscientists from around the world by supporting their participation in important IUGS-sponsored conferences.
The Foundation honours William Watt Hutchison, IUGS Secretary General (1976-1980) and President (1984-1987), as well as Director General of the Geological Survey of Canada and Assistant Deputy Minister of Earth Sciences of the Canadian Government. His distinguished career was terminated in 1987 by his untimely death at the age of 52.
Details on the Hutchison Foundation can be found at


Guidelines for applying for the GeoHost Funded Delegate Program (FDP)

  • Individuals may only apply for GeoHost FDP or GeoHost TWP, not both.
  • Applications must be made via the GeoHost FDP Application system (see below).
  • It is essential that applicants demonstrate the relevance of attending the to their education or employment situation.

Successful FDP applicants will be offered one of the following levels of support.  The determination of support level to be offered to each successful applicant will be based on available funding and the selection panel’s understanding of the applicants support needs.  

  • FDP 1 
A free registration to attend the as a full delegate
A grant of $1500 (Australian Dollars) towards travel and living expenses.

  •  FDP 2
A free registration to attend the as a full delegate.

All applicants for FDP support must have an abstract accepted for oral or poster presentation at the . There will not be any fee for submission of abstracts under the FDP program.

Before you apply for GeoHost FDP

  • You must provide a copy of government-issued photographic identification with your application.  You will be asked to upload this as part of the on-line application process.  Your photo, full name and date of birth must appear clearly.  We suggest that you scan a copy and have it ready on your computer desktop ready for convenient upload during the application process. Your application cannot be accepted or acknowledged without this identification document.

  • You will need to submit an abstract for consideration for presentation at the .  Your abstract must follow the format guidelines which are available here.   We suggest that you save your abstract on your computers desktop for convenient upload during the GeoHost FDP application process.  Your abstract must be lodged with your GeoHost FDP application and you are not required to pay the IGC abstract submission fee.  Any GeoHost FDP applications received without an abstract will not be considered or acknowledged. 
  • Your application will be reviewed and selected applicants will proceed to the second stage of processing.  Applicants who reach the second stage of processing will be required to provide additional information by email, as specified below.  You should not apply for GeoHost FDP if you are not confident that you can provide the following documents when requested to do so:


 A letter from your supervisor or manager confirming your position/employment details and endorsing your application.
                    b.  Certified copies of certificates for each of the qualifications you list in the GeoHost application form.


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